New Flock Whom Dis?

New Flock Whom Dis?

We're excited to announce Bird 2018!

Bird 2018 Roster:

*Steve Alexander

Steven Anderson

Anna Barrett

Leslie Boey

Nat Cooper

Greta Friedrichs

Tom Grund

Jess Hendrickson

Sam Hedrick

Cole Jensen

Pat LaCourse

Emilia Lewis

Johnny Lovagnini

Brandon Matis

Tyler Meyer

*Erin Mirocha

AJ Montanez

Becca Morales

Joe Nelson

Brian Paulus

Dustin Rooffener

Christine Rosen

*Michael Ruble

Dave Shirley

Dave Stemper


Bold: New to the Nest

Practice Players:

Phil Arets

Clara Bils

Sam Kaminsky

Jacob Salzman

Lilly Shapiro

Coach & Support:

Perry Nacionales

Emma Keiski


Bird 2018 Prospectus

Bird 2018 Prospectus

In an effort to be clear and intentional about what Bird 2018 is looking for in flock mates, we are excited to publish our first ever prospectus!

Bird 2018 Prospectus

Look for more Bird announcements coming this week, and we'll see you at tryouts!


Save the Date(s)!

Save the Date(s)!

Bird is all aflutter to announce our 2018 tryouts!  Please mark your calendar and follow us for updates:

May 16 MN Mixed Combined Tryout #1
May 19 MN Mixed Combined Tryout #2/#3
May 22 Closed Tryout
May 24 Closed Tryout
May 30 Closed Tryout
June 2 Closed Tryout

Interest Form

Bird Seeks Flock Manager

Bird Seeks Flock Manager

Minnesota Mixed Ultimate team searches for leadership and guidance to fly higher.

The Nest, MN, February 5, 2018 - Bird Ultimate is an established Minneapolis mixed club team looking to take their game to the nest level.  We value equity, energy, effort, and trust. Bird has invested several seasons into fostering a democratic culture with open avenues of communication and feedback.  The team is built upon the personal connections we’ve made, and the belief that we have the building blocks needed to accomplish great things.

We just need a little help. 

We’re looking for a manager, of sorts, with club ultimate experience.  We envision this manager to assist us with personnel management, gameday strategy, and a cool head. We imagine this manager to have a clipboard (or a tablet), the most bird puns, and the ability to motivate a huddle of sweaty adults.

While details (and titles) are open to discussion, we hope that this team leader would attend one regular season tournament, the team retreat, and the series.  In return, Bird would offer compensation for travel, and a small stipend at the end of the season.

Intrigued?  Send us a note to let us know who you are and why you’d be interested in our flock.  You can find us at

Bird 2017 Statement of Equity

Bird 2017 Statement of Equity

We're excited to partner with GUPI in the Minnesota Equity Statement Project! This statement represents the opinions and goals of the members of Bird, collaboratively created at a team retreat.


We commit to striving for equity within our team, encouraging unity within the larger community, and promoting young women’s participation in youth ultimate. We are committed to the following goals and will be measuring our progress throughout this season.


Objective 1: In order to ensure equity within Bird and create a team culture and environment that is inclusive, respectful and equitable, we are committed to the following:

•           Empowering our women to demonstrate their throwing prowess by offering them strong continue and break cuts

•           Highlighting women on the field by running two-woman handler sets and four-woman lines

•           Recognizing women’s cuts by hitting open hands

•           Respecting everyone’s personal safety by avoiding dangerous plays

•           Supporting brave decisions for all team members

•           Showing zero-tolerance for sexist language and behavior

•           Offering constructive and fair feedback by respecting one another’s differences and providing sideline advice to men and women equally

•           Providing development opportunities for everyone by maintaining high expectations for all team members

•           Actively creating opportunities for the team to discuss issues of allyship/equity/privilege to create a progressive and reflective environment


Objective 2: In order to encourage community engagement and the growth of ultimate across all levels and divisions, particularly women’s ultimate, we are committed to the following:

•           Publicly supporting women’s teams during games and tournaments, in person and online

•           Amplifying the success of women’s teams through social media

•           Speaking up about inequity in league play

•           Initiating and participating in conversations about equity within the broader community


Objective 3: In order to support youth women’s ultimate in Minnesota, we are committed to the following:

•           Volunteering at youth women’s games

•           Coaching young women

•           Volunteering at clinics or events for young women, including GUPI clinics

•           Having conversations about equity, privilege, and supporting women with the young men we coach