Minnesota Mixed Ultimate team searches for leadership and guidance to fly higher.

The Nest, MN, February 5, 2018 - Bird Ultimate is an established Minneapolis mixed club team looking to take their game to the nest level.  We value equity, energy, effort, and trust. Bird has invested several seasons into fostering a democratic culture with open avenues of communication and feedback.  The team is built upon the personal connections we’ve made, and the belief that we have the building blocks needed to accomplish great things.

We just need a little help. 

We’re looking for a manager, of sorts, with club ultimate experience.  We envision this manager to assist us with personnel management, gameday strategy, and a cool head. We imagine this manager to have a clipboard (or a tablet), the most bird puns, and the ability to motivate a huddle of sweaty adults.

While details (and titles) are open to discussion, we hope that this team leader would attend one regular season tournament, the team retreat, and the series.  In return, Bird would offer compensation for travel, and a small stipend at the end of the season.

Intrigued?  Send us a note to let us know who you are and why you’d be interested in our flock.  You can find us at  birdcaptains@gmail.com.