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Very proud to continue our relationship with Nuun as an Ambassador Team.  Nuun is all about chasing personal bests, hydrating, and providing athletes with the vitamins and nutrients they need during endurance training.  Apparently anything over 90 minutes is endurance training #themoreyouknow.

We're really excited to be ambassadors this year, and look forward to living the #nuunlife and sharing the #nuunlove. Check out our ambassador page.

To keep track of all Nuun products, check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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St. Paul Athletic Club

Also pretty pumped (get it?) to be cooperating with SPAC this year so we can get stronger!  Their gym space is an urban sanctuary at treetop canopy level (5th floor!) in downtown St. Paul, right off the skyway.

They have all the turf, boxes, sleds, and other accessories that we need to do our pod workouts in a safe and air conditioned nest.  For more about them and pictures of their chandelier cardio room, follow them @SPACtweets, or on facebook.

If you're a friend of our flock, you can stop by anytime to start a five day free trial!



Interested in partnering with Bird?  Email us at